The Data and Insights Company for Sports, Media and Entertainment.

We have the keys to unlock your most valuable asset; customers, fans, followers and influencers.

Addressing the 95% unknown fan conundrum.

The CLV Group is the data and Insights company for sport, media and entertainment. Using our priopritety data, Fan Lifetime Value (FLV) modeling, combined with our strategic data partnerships, we surface the previously unabtainable, billion dollar revenue opportunties currently being missed. We open up significant monetisation opportunities with direct-to-fan and fan-based sponsorships and partnerships. We do this through our three stage approach, helping our customers; Understand, Grow and Monetise.

Our Leadership Team

Neil Joyce

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jamie Williams

Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer

Todd Schoenherr

Chief Product Officer

Why The CLV Group?

We have always focused on challenging groupthink and enabling customer, fan and audience ecosystems. Our unique approach to fan data looks beyond the known fan audience and has enabled some of the largest media and entertainment companies to understand more about their users and how to find them in platforms outside the walled gardens.

Core Services


Identify & Understand your fans and followers, the value they bring today vs tomorrow Unlock previously unobtainable revenue by understanding who your fans are, where they are, what they care about, how to reach them and how to convert them.


By leveraging CLV Data and Insight, to : to grow your share of wallet, increase your known fan base and your 1st Party Data by doing so. Increase your propositions and direct-to-fan ecosystem capabilities.


  • Direct to Customer/Fan Revenue – new revenue streams and new markets.
  • Indirect – increase sponsor and partner value, brand to ROI based.
  • Increase negotiating power with current sponsors and new sponsors, partners (retail, ticketing and distribution) and ventures.


Business Outcomes

Transformation Roadmaps

Optimise Team KPIs

Improve Lifetime Value

Data Maturity Benchmarks

Develop Audience, Assets & Programs

Increase Partnership Value

Our Unique Approach Delivers Results

Top and bottom line impacts that are obtainable by leveraging Data within and across the business:


Increase in ARPU over 3 years


Shift in Sales to Direct vs Indirect


Increase in Direct Sponsorship Value


Increase in Sponsorship Yield


Increased Enterprise Valuation


Increased Customer Engagement (RFV/T)