Fan Relationship Index Report 2023

New Fan Moneyball approach reveals £750m digital dividend that big football clubs are missing out on.

It’s second nature for clubs to collect data on players, but the same can’t be said when it comes to understanding their fans. In our latest FRI report, we argue why clubs need to start building a similarly detailed picture of their fanbase, focusing on a “Fan Moneyball” approach that promises to unlock significant revenue streams (through revolutionising loyalty through creating fan-based sports ecosystems).

The 2023 FRI report reveals that major European football teams can leverage the emergence of new content and digital propositions to identify, engage and convert global fans to the tune of £750m each year.

Download FRI 2023 Fan Moneyball: Unlocking the global loyalty opportunity in the sports ecosystem.


First published in 2021 by the Customer Lifetime Value Group (, The Fan Relationship Index uses data to accurately identify and measure new commercial opportunities for clubs and sponsors.

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