Who are we?

Neil and Jamie began working together over three years ago to educate brands on best practices for evaluating CRM onboarding efforts and developing programmatic in-house processes. They quickly realised the human involvement required for brands to deliver effective plans in the Identity space. With refocused energies, they began building relationships with those brands to ensure each individual marketer was set up for success. This evolved into business case development, general consultancy across auditing brand’s first-party data and reinforcing that regardless of technology decisions: the brand should always be in control of their data assets.


Neil Joyce

CEO & Co-Founder

Neil is a data, CRM and self-professed people-based marketing junkie, with 20 years of experience spanning the online and offline marketing ecosystem in the US, Europe and Asia/Pacific region. During his career, Neil held key executive management positions at IBM, Acxiom and most recently Signal, where he was responsible for launching and building Signal's Global Onboarding and Identity Management business.

As a co-founder of CLV Group, Neil is most excited to create the ability to help brands, agencies and publishers drive transformation around LTV based initiatives rather than traditional audience targeting, limited last click measurement programs and overall LTV programs that neglect to include a comprehensive view of customer engagement: media activation, offline contact centre/customer service and product development programs.

Neil’s passions include continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible for customers to achieve by challenging paradigms. In line with this, he maintains a hunger and desire to experience new cultures and ideas as well as his beloved Manchester United’s post-Sir Alex Ferguson travails.

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Jamie Williams

Chief Customer Officer & Co-Founder

Jamie has spent her career advising brands on innovative and technology-led ways to leverage marketing channels to engage with their customers. From developing a cross-channel customer strategy for new product launches to guiding customers through best practice for expanding traditional media efforts into new channels, she has worked for and with brands such as P&G, MillerCoors, McDonald’s, EA and Sony PlayStation. For the last few years, Jamie has focused her work on UK-based brands in the retail, telco and betting & gaming segments to help accelerate data strategies and customer identity advancement pre- and post-GDPR.

Jamie is driven by the opportunity to launch CLV Group to continue delivering value to clients, partners and brands through innovation in CRM.

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