Connecting Data & People with Opportunity

Data Driven Transformation

The CLV Group delivers a customised approach that accounts for three stages:


Fine tuning current practices


Unlocking net new revenue


Delivering competitive advantage

Data Strategy & Commercialisation

The net outcome of an initial discovery phase will deliver a roadmap to help your business put a plan in place which achieves one of the below:

  • Optimisation – fine tuning current practices
  • Incrementality – unlocking net new revenue
  • Transformation- adoption of tools and practices which drive business decisions using data in areas such as customer experience & retention, product innovation and M&A activity

Change Management

We take a unique approach to tackling the challenges of implementing change across the business. We “bring people closer together” by engaging stakeholders throughout the process and making the growth agenda for the business clear.

  • Align: New KPIs which have previously limited growth
  • Balance: Speed to desired end state with reality to ensure adoption
  • Connect: Cross-functional teams and practices which previously lived in a silo
  • Deliver: Outcome Benchmarking & Visualisation


Building a program with outcomes in mind is a core element to our transformational design. Delivering on that promise is our commitment in order to ensure maximum ROI is achieved. Our framework takes into account level of effort, data privacy requirements, infrastructure requirements and fan/customer behavioural changes.

  • Partnership ROI
  • Media ROI
  • Impact of new KPIs
  • Effectiveness across customer/fan engagement