About Us


Our mission is to enable brands to drive increased share of wallet through developing strategies and investment decisions that span the Customer Lifecycle.

At CLV Group, we are a team of CRM, Data and Marketing/Advertising Technology experts who remove the complexity of the AdTech/MarTech ecosystem. As such we are able to provide an independent approach  to help you define, adapt and accelerate customer data-driven strategies where customer lifetime value is at the heart of all investment decisions.

Global, DTC brands work with us because they trust our expertise, unique exposure to both offline and online data and in-depth knowledge across various brand categories. We believe that a successful mix of AdTech/MarTech partnerships that drive improved CLV and a thoughtfully designed internal team structure will ensure you:

  • Achieve business goals

  • Leverage your customer relationships to drive sustainable advantage

  • Exceed your personal KPIs

  • Keep your technology partners accountable to the right deliverables and metrics

  • Establish a foundation for your enterprise so everyone is working towards the same goals

Think of us as a modern day Financial Advisors for your Customer Data, MarTech and/or Programmatic  efforts, aiding you in data and technology investment decisions.

CLV Group is led by co-founders, Neil Joyce and Jamie Williams, with offices in both London, England and Chicago, Illinois.

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