Hello from CLV Group!

Hello from CLV Group!

Wow. First of all, I cannot believe the end of 2018 is just around the corner. And even more, I can’t believe it will end the way it’s shaking out! I’ve moved to London and became a co-founder of a company/idea that has been YEARS in the making — CLV Group. And guess what? I get to live and breathe what I love doing the most…spending time with clients to identify opportunities to improve customer data marketing strategies, develop a service layer to transform CRM efforts and measure all of this back to Customer Lifetime Value. The impact of GDPR was not only planned for, but certainly scary for most brands – so while the US sped ahead in further fragmenting between technologies and MarTech vendor decisions, the EU has patiently waited. And now it seems the floodgates have opened! It couldn’t possibly be a more exciting time to dive into a new venture and provide the support I’ve always been so passionate about. 

In my experience, the challenge for most brands has really been about representing the value of the MarTech/AdTech decisions they’re making amidst the reality that these technologies are rarely built to seamlessly work together. CLV Group is founded on what we believe to be the number one KPI: Customer Lifetime Value (get it…”CLV Group”?) :). Understanding the value your brand delivers to your customers and how your engagement with each person can be personalised on a 1:1 basis should be the driver of your decisions. We aim to help you define, decide and execute on all things focused on Customer Lifetime Value. 

So who’s in? Myself (obviously) and CLV Group’s CEO Neil Joyce…we have been working together now for 4 years and collectively succeeded in bringing our vision of true partnerships to life globally for our many clients.

What’s in store for the next 6 months? Solidifying great partnerships, lots of coffee/running around London, and showcasing an unwavering commitment to making our prospective clients successful. 

Where can you find us? info@clvgrp.com or jamie@clvgrp.com…I would love to say hello, tell you what CLV Group means to me and figure out what exciting projects we can work on together! Or, if it’s not a fit, at least let me know when you’re in London so we can catch-up over a G&T ;)

Until next time!